Nuvalid suite


It is the tool chosen by prepaid health insurance companies and social security organizations to facilitate their network of providers with tasks such as streamlining administrative procedures, obtaining medical audit authorizations, and managing their account balance. With Nuvalid, medical centers, providers, and pharmacies can interact with payers, streamlining procedures across more than 20 entities. Nuvalid allows patients to schedule appointments and receive their prescriptions digitally, enabling medical personnel to improve their care without disruption to their systems or daily work.

Nuvalid app another example
Nuvalid app another example

This suite of applications features functions such as:

  • User's agenda where personal data of the patient is stored as well as that of the financier to which they belong to streamline care.

  • "The data stored in the cloud ensures that in case of any inconvenience on the device, no data is lost, guaranteeing their security and privacy.

  • The data always travels encrypted to maintain secure end-to-end communication.

  • An assistance feature that facilitates data entry at all times.

  • Continuous improvement of the applications, instant and transparent for the user.