Our Career advancement & Equal Opportunities Policies

At ITC Soluciones we emphasize equal treatment and opportunities.
  • We promote the adoption and enforcement of policies aimed at guaranteeing the principle of equal treatment and opportunities.

  • We seek to maintain diversity and we believe that this diversity generates value for our clients.

  • Periodically as part of our continuous improvement efforts, we carry out performance evaluations of all our personnel and as a consequence we facilitate training programs and the acquisition of new knowledge to be able to supply the constant changes that we are faced with. we face.

  • We seek to offer equality in career development and access to opportunities that arise among all our staff.

  • Our compensation will never be based on differences other than those determined by the capabilities and performance of our staff.

Principle of non-discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation, origin, political affiliation, religion or disability:
  • We will actively seek to sanction and eradicate any behavior that leads to discrimination based on any criteria.

  • We will work to eliminate any obstacle that prevents the development of our employees to their full potential.

  • In our recruitment policy, the ability of potential applicants to work in this environment and our focus on diversity are essential factors when deciding to join.

Principle of prevention and eradication of gender-based violence:
  • We keep our staff informed about where and how to report any act of violence or discrimination.

We generate through training an awareness of non-discrimination, harassment and any practice in the workplace that is detrimental to the healthy and complete development of our people.