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Customers from the Healthcare sector

The following is a summary list of the manuals of applications installed in users, providers, pharmacies, dentists.

Web application for medical providers

Commond messages and explanation of the rejections for the different types of healthcare message transactions.

Nuvalid Farmacia Manual for pharmacies.

Web App for pharmacies, drug prescription classification for some special requierements of HMOs.

Technical data instructions

Sitel Cliente Manual & TX Finder for Linux & OpenBSD environments

Readme jSitelProcess, Java Sitel App.

Readme Java Plug-in for message transformations HL7 y XML protocols

Readme Java Plug-in for convertion mechanisms of different healthcare protocols.
  • PIActivia

  • Instructions for configuring the remote administration of gateways application.

    PSDelivery App Manual.

    Other sectors

    HormiCalc App Manual

    HormiCalc Manual for Concrete management system