Nuvalid Farmacia suite

Nuvalid Farmacia

Our pharmacy application offers a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for efficient and secure management of digital prescriptions, medication consumption control, and detailed transaction analysis. Designed to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical sector, our platform provides powerful tools that optimize daily operations and enhance the experience for both pharmacists and patients.

Nuvalid Farmacia app another example
Nuvalid Farmacia app another example

This application features key characteristics such as:

  • Digital Prescription Retrieval: Simplify the process of retrieving digital prescriptions with our application, which allows pharmacies to quickly and easily access patients' electronic prescriptions.

  • Medication Consumption Control: Maintain an accurate record of your customers' medication consumption, facilitating inventory management and timely replenishment of products.

  • Deferred Consumption: We offer the ability to perform deferred consumption, allowing pharmacies to efficiently manage credit sales and maintain comprehensive control over pending payments.

  • Ticket Inquiry: Access detailed information about transactions, including sales receipts, for comprehensive analysis of business operations.

  • Closure Consultation: We facilitate the consultation of cash register closures, providing pharmacists with a clear and transparent view of sales and financial movements within a specific period.